Sage Advice: Avoid Scammers in Paris

It all comes from personal experience. Austin Weihmiller, one of the students in our teen travel blogging class, spent the summer in Paris. Now, while he had amazing experiences (of course), he also had a few learning ones. What makes me smile, and think what a great writer he is, is that he’s turned these learning experiences into one great story. Take a look…




Paris is a magical city. One of light, food, art, and vagabonds. I had the privilege of spending the month of July in the city. Had the chance to get fat in the patisseries, had the chance to dance along the Siene at night, enjoy good company, and become quite the croissant snob. I also had the exclusive privilege of learning how to be scammed. This one is for the people who have been pick-pocketed already, and are ready to advance on to the next level of being scammed.


The One and Only Eiffel Tower

The One and Only Eiffel Tower


A friend of mine had taken the train down from Germany a few days earlier. She was going to be spending five or six days in our apartment in the 5th. We were still jazzed from the day before, Bastille Day. We had gotten into the Louvre for free because of the holiday, and had gotten to view the Mona Lisa with a manageable crowd. Only six or seven people deep, versus the normal bedlam of twenty or thirty people deep.



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