The Camera or the Teacher’s Desk

Christian DeMichiel recently wrote a post for our Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Programs about potentials careers oversees. He does a great job comparing the two. Have a look:


I’ve always been interested in a career with an international focus. At the moment, two  jobs interest me. The first is teaching English abroad, and the other is working as an international photographer. Both careers involve traveling, which is something I truly enjoy. Here’s why these two career paths intrigue me:


The world is your oyster!


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English language – abroad

Anders Bruihler, one of the students in our teen travel blogging class, recently submitted a class assignment, on the subject Lost in Translation. He’s a wordsmith, and a great photographer with an eye for finding crazy phrases, lost in translation. Read on, and laugh with me…


During the three years I lived in Montenegro, I saw lots of unusual English translations.  The combination of a country where English is not a common language, and it being off the main tourist path, is a recipe for amusing translations.  At many restaurants we would laugh at the menu while trying to figure out what it meant.  Often I wonder where all these translations come from.  Even on city tourist boards, sentences can sometimes be impossible to understand.


Lost in translation - slow food

If it’s not fast food, it’s… slow food? 



Lost in translation

“The remains of Franciscian monastery of Saint Nicola built at the end of the 13th century of 1595.”  Go figure.



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