Teaching English in Thailand

Jessica J Hill, our Teach Abroad Editor, recently shared a story of her first days teaching English in Thailand. It’s so enticing, to read how she has made a difference in the lives of these students. Count me impressed – you will be, too – take a look…


Teaching, in any sense of the profession, is not all apples and chocolate. It’s hard work. It doesn’t matter what subject or age you teach, or which country you teach in, it’s inevitable that your job will have negatives to go along with the positives. But with all of those challenges come brilliant rewards.


My first day in rural, Northeast Thailand was an eye opener. Not only was it my first time teaching – ever – I had just stepped away from a sleepless, overnight bus ride and had barely enough time to shower before going to the high school, where my new coworkers promptly and proudly ushered me to the podium and asked me to introduce myself to 2,000 students.


Thai school grounds



Please click through the link above, to read the rest of Jessica’s article.

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